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St. Paul’s is, essentially an Indian residential school for boys. That is to say, the staff and the scholars are predominantly Indian, and its educational policy is oriented towards life in India and India’s place in world affairs. But this has not come in the way of one of the School’s most important assets: its international, multiracial and cross-regional cosmopolitan character. This is an asset of immeasurable educational value. Boys from many different parts of India, of different castes and from different religious communities, are living, working, eating, worshiping and playing together with boys from other nations with different social and religious customs. We can hardly over-emphasize the importance of this factor. The intellectual, emotional and social adjustments a boy must make in such an environment provide additional interest and stimulus in his school life, and are a useful preparation for such adjustments in later life in an increasingly international world.

The Board of Governors

The Right Reverend the Bishop of Calcutta is Ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Governors of St. Paul’s. The Governors are appointed in part bythe Calcutta Diocesan Board of Education and in part by the Education Department of the West Bengal Government. They are men prominent in diverse fields who form a representative body in close touch with Indian, American and European education and affairs.

The Staff

The Rector/Administrator is the Head of the School. The Rector/Administrator maintains overall control of the Primary, Junior and Senior Wings, the Bursary and the Estate Department. ‘The Senior Master, Head of the Junior Wing and Head of the Primary Wing handle all the academic-related matters in their Wings, and handle pastoral care and administrative work in their departments’. The Bursar is in charge of the Accounts Office and oversees the employment and welfare of the Domestic Staff.

In accordance with the multiracial character of St. Paul’s, the staff are recruited from all over India. Most of the members of the staff live on the school estate. Some residences adjoin the dormitories, others are on the boundaries of the estate in separate houses.

In addition to the teaching staff, there are the Matrons-in-charge of the personal welfare and care of the boys in the Senior, Junior and Primary Wings. Caterers are in-charge of the boys’ diet and of the cooking and serving of food. The Estate Manager’s many sided duties include the maintenance of the buildings and of the estate in general, and assisting the Bursar with matters related to the Domestic staff.


All communications with the School, except those regarding bills should, in the first instance, be addressed to the Rector. Correspondence about bills may be addressed to the Bursar. Parents writing to their sons are asked to designate in the address the appropriate Folio Number and House. Students are permitted to phone home occasionally.

To Communicate

All communications must be addressed to the Senior Master,
St. Paul’s School
Jalapahar P.O.
Darjeeling 734 103
West Bengal

Front view of St. Paul's School Darjeeling
Admissions are open for the Year 2022-2023