School Traditions

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School Motto

Moniti Meliora Sequamur
(Having been instructed, we follow higher things)

School Badge

The Mitre, the ceremonial headdress of a Bishop, represents the close association of the school with the Anglican Church.

The Flaming Mountain represents Jalapahar (the Mountain of Fire) an extinct volcano on which the school is built. Fire is a symbol of both life and purity.

The two Hanks of Cotton commemorate Bishop Cotton who supervised the move of the school from Calcutta to its present majestic site on Jalapahar in Darjeeling.

The Shield is the Shield of Faith, a protection from all evil as it “quenches the flaming arrows of evil.”

The two Crossed Swords are the Swords of the Spirit of God which help us to fight all evil in ourselves and in the world.

The whole design is surrounded with the Latin words:


The standard of St. Paul’s School situated on a burning mountain near Darjeeling founded in the year of our Lord 1846.

School Song

From the low and steamy plains
‘Upward!’ the old School calls;
Come share our joys and pains;
Come, mould your limbs and brains ;
‘Upward!’ the old School calls;
St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s!

When pales and dies the light
‘Courage!’ the old School calls;
Fear not the darkest night;
Clouds only veil the light;
‘Courage!’ the old School calls;
St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s!

When press unhallowed foes;
‘Fight on!’ the old School calls;
See the eternal snows;
Pure be the soul as those;
‘Fight on!’ the old School calls;
St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s!

And when life’s course is run,
‘Homeward!’ the old School calls;

Face towards the rising sun,
Wait for the glad’ Well done!’
‘Homeward!’ the old School calls;
St. Paul’s St. Paul’s, St. Paul’s !

School Prayer

O Heavenly Father, who hast set us here in the majestic grandeur of these mountains, make us ever mindful of the abundance of Thy blessings. We praise Thee for our School, and for the heritage into which we have entered. Take away whatever is unworthy from our midst; cherish and strengthen whatever is best. Bind us more closely together in the spirit of loyalty and service, that our School may grow in spiritual strength, and may become an ever-increasing power for the extension of Thy kingdom in this land, Amen.