Table of Contents

Food and Health

The development and maintenance of good health are of fundamental importance in St. Paul’s. All our boys play regular school games and the whole school has fifteen minutes’ physical exercise every morning before studies commence. The School has a qualified doctor to visit the school daily to supervise the running of the School infirmaries and attend to the medical needs of staff and students. The DDMA Nursing Home in Darjeeling is equipped to deal with all in-patient treatment, dental treatment, X-rays and out-patient treatment, with the exception of special medicines.

Except for minor ailments, parents are notified 13,, nursing sisters immediately after their son is admitted to the infirmary or the Nursing Home, and are kept informed of his progress.

Each boy has a health information form. This must be filled in by a qualified medical practitioner in order to help the school should any need arise.

The Rector and staff have lunch with the boys; at meals, at least one member of staff is present.

The Buildings

The main buildings of the Senior Wing are grouped on three sides of a Quadrangle. The fourth side, open to the mountain view, leads to lower terraces where the Junior and Primary Wings, the Chapel and the Rectory (the residence of the Rector) stand. The buildings around and above the Quadrangle contain the School hall, dining hall, library, dormitories (each with its own bathrooms and lavatories), classrooms, infirmary, common rooms, and barber shops.

The Howard Block (named after the Rev. David Howard who worked for 36 years which included 18 years as Rector) houses three dormitories for the Junior Wing (with attached Staff Quarters) and the Science and Computer laboratories. The school also has its own gymnasium, a cricket and athletics ground, two other playing fields, and courts for tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, squash and Eton fives.

The School buildings house comfortably over 250 boys in the Senior Wing, over 220 in Junior Wing and 150 boys in the Primary Wing. The present size of the School is maintained, since to increase numbers excessively would jeopardize one of St. Paul’s educational principles, namely, the importance of maintaining individual relationship between teacher and pupil.

The School estate is well cared for by the Estate Manager and his staff, and the boys have the advantage of living in surroundings not only of exceptional natural grandeur but also of the cultivated beauty of gardens, lawns and planted forest trees.