The Annual Clive House Concert 2022 was staged in the Prep Hall

The main play was “Bishop’s Candlesticks” and few melodious songs were performed by the boys

Synopsis of the play

Norman McKinnell s The Bishop’s Candlesticks ’is a very popular play based on the theme that love and kindness can change a man rather than violence. The play is about a convict who was arrested because he stole foodfor his starving and dying wife. He was put in jail where he was tortured and treated like an animal. He ran away from the ‘hell’ and broke into the Bishop’s house. The Bishop represented all the noble Christian virtues and gave clothes and bed to the convict. The Bishop’s kind behaviour softened the convict a little but he could not contain himself from stealing his silver candlesticks. He was captured and brought back The Bishop saved him by telling the police that those candlesticks were a gift from him. The act of the Bishop transformed the convict. He now believed that the spirit of God dwells in the heart of every human being.

Bishop Always Ready to Help Others

The Bishop is always ready to help the needy pa-sons of his parish. He goes to attend to Marie’s mother who is feeling poorly. He is out in cold without supper. He sells his salt cellars to help Mere Gringoire to pay her rents. His sister Persome feels that her brother is the dupe of every idle vagabond and old lying woman. He has sold his land, his furniture and spent all his savings to help others. Persome feels that her brother’s generosity and innocence is being misused by the people of his parish. But the Bishop thinks that this world is full of suffering and he can do very little to help the sufferers.


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