Cable and Westcott Houses showcased their Annual House Concert

Cable and Westcott Houses showcased their annual house concert in the prep hall, featuring a delightful and enjoyable play titled “Instalment” directed by the Cable House Master Mr S Roy.The actors exhibited outstanding acting skills, exuding confidence on stage.

A standout moment was Nervik Lama’s mesmerizing solo performance of a Japanese song.

Additionally, Mr. P Gurung and Mr. K Lama delivered captivating solo renditions, which proved soothing to the ears of the audience.

Adding to the musical feast, a group of talented class 8 boys delivered a melodious Bengali song, while an English group song was skillfully presented by the students of class 7.

The evening was further enriched by captivating dance performances from both class 7 and class 8.

Class 8 students also showcased their talents through a humorous Hindi skit that left the audience in stitches.

Following the concert, the boys from both houses were treated to a sumptuous meal in the dining hall, concluding the event on a satisfying note.

Heartfelt congratulations are in order for the house masters, Mr. S Roy and Mr. M Mukhia, as well as the dedicated house tutors, for orchestrating and presenting this thoroughly entertaining spectacle.

You can click the link to watch the whole concert.


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