Inter House Elocution

The Primary Wing had their Inter House Elocution on the 15th of March 2023. Among the dignitaries present were the Acting Administrator/ Senior Master Mr. Peter Lepcha, teachers and a few parents of boys participating in the elocution. The judges for the competition were Mr. Gautam Bhattacharjee, Mr. David Cecil and Mr. Bishal Gurung. Mr. Bhupendra Tamang performed the duties of the announcer and Mr. Randolph John did the tabulations.

The Elocution competition was categorized into individual and choral recitation. The House positions were

1st Hunt

2nd Everest/ Tenzing

4th Hillary

The results according to the categories are as follows:

Class 2

1st Ayushman Roy (Hunt)

2nd Debojyoti Chaudhari (Everest)

3rd Arya Roy (Hillary)

4th Paramartha Barman (Tenzing)

Class 3

1st Nirvoy Satre (Hillary)

2nd Vedant Tibrewal (Hunt)

3rd Rudro Singh (Tenzing)

4th Wadi Ahmed (Everest)

Class 4

1st Ayan Singh (Hunt)

1st Prakhar Prakash (Tenzing)

3rd Sarthak Saha (Everest)

4th Shaurya Chowdhury (Hillary)​

Class 5

1st Aniket Singh (Hunt)

2nd Dagyal Bhutia (Everest)

3rd Ayan Chhetri (Hillary)

4th Swastik Aich (Tenzing)

Choral Recitation

1st Tenzing

2nd Everest

3rd Hillary/ Hunt

The little Paulites were remarkable in their articulation, displaying clear diction and commendable memorisation skills. We hope that such opportunities will aid them in their future endeavors. We extend our sincere gratitude to the house mistress and house tutors for their hard work and dedication in training the boys.

Photo Credit:- Mr N Bakshi


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