Annual House Concert

On the 25th of March, the Anderson and Betten houses held their highly anticipated Annual House Concert. The evening began with a captivating Bhajan, beautifully performed by Mr U Khawas, which had a soothing effect on the audience.

The play that followed, entitled “The Dear Departed,” was directed by Mr R Rai and shed light on the degrading moral values of the middle class. The audience was confronted with the tragic situation of children who show no love or respect for their aging parents and are only interested in their material possessions. The play highlighted the absence of responsibility and the harsh reality of dying love and lack of moral values in today’s youth.

The boys of the Anderson and Betten houses also presented a highly entertaining and humorous Bengali skit, directed by the Mrs P Bhattacharya.

The two group songs, “Yellow” and “Let it be,” were mesmerising and left the audience captivated. The duet song “Memories” and the solo song “Remember me” showcased the exceptional talent of the singers and were both excellent performances.

The concert concluded with a breathtaking solo performance of “Just take my Heart” by the exceptionally gifted Mr. B Gurung, accompanied by Mr P Tamang. The audience was left in awe and appreciation for the exceptional talent on display.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The Anderson and Betten house boys were treated to a sumptuous supper in the dining Hall. We extend our warm congratulations to the two house masters, Mr. R Rai and Mr. B Gurung, and the masters and ma’am who dedicated their valuable time to train the boys. Overall, it was a highly enjoyable and entertaining evening that will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.


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