Attending the ‘Art of Living’ Program

On 28th May, the senior students of classes 9 to 12, along with the staff, had the privilege of attending the ‘Art of Living’ program held in the School Auditorium. The program was organized in collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, as part of their joint initiative called ‘Har Ghar Dhyan.’ The session was conducted by Ms. Mitra Agarwal from Siliguri and Ms. Lamu Yangzi Sherpa from Darjeeling, who are experts in this field.

The primary focus of the program was to impart valuable lessons on dealing with mental health issues and provide guidance on incorporating yoga, pranayama, and meditation into daily life. These practices were aimed at helping the students develop a better orientation to life and enhance their overall well-being.

The interactive session lasted for an hour, during which the students had the opportunity to actively engage with the facilitators. Ms. Mitra Agarwal and Ms. Lamu Yangzi Sherpa shared their knowledge and expertise, addressing various mental health concerns and teaching practical techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and other related issues.

The program received a positive response from both the staff and the students. The insights provided by the facilitators were greatly appreciated, as they offered valuable tools and strategies for maintaining good mental health. Additionally, the hands-on experience of practicing yoga, pranayama, and meditation during the session left a lasting impact on the participants.

By participating in the ‘Art of Living’ program, the senior students and staff were able to gain a deeper understanding of mental health and learn effective methods to cope with the challenges they may face. This holistic approach towards well-being aligns with the school’s commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for its students.

The school extends its gratitude to Ms. Mitra Agarwal, Ms. Lamu Yangzi Sherpa, the Art of Living Foundation, and the Ministry of Culture for organizing this enlightening and beneficial program. It is through such collaborative initiatives that we can empower our students and foster a healthier and happier school community.


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