The Illustrious Thinkonomics Lecture

The illustrious Thinkonomics lecture series reached new heights of intellectual enlightenment with its sixth edition, held recently in the picturesque town of Darjeeling. 10 school from the hills attended the lecture. This captivating event delved into the engrossing topic of ‘Beyond Pandemic – Opportunities and Challenges,’ leaving an indelible mark on the minds of all fortunate enough to witness it. The program started with lighting of the Diya to mark the birth anniversary of Tenzing Norgay.

At the heart of this intellectual symphony stood Associate Professor Dr. Prasun Bhattacharjee, an eminent scholar from the Department of Economics and Finance at East Tennessee State University, USA. With a resplendent career as a consultant in Water and Sanitation, Health Nutrition, and Population Programs for South Asia at the World Bank, Dr. Bhattacharjee brought forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise, captivating the audience with his profound insights.

The erudite professor eloquently articulated the profound impact of the pandemic on global economies, with a particular focus on India’s trials and triumphs. Drawing illuminating comparisons between the approaches taken by the United States and India, Dr. Bhattacharjee shed light on the challenges faced by these nations and how they have valiantly weathered the storm. His ability to contextualize complex economic concepts and present them in a relatable manner was a testament to his pedagogical prowess.

Dr. Prasun Bhattacharjee’s discourse extended beyond the pandemic, delving into the arduous path of economic recovery that lay ahead. He elucidated the emerging trends and potential career paths that would shape the post-pandemic world, empowering the students of Darjeeling with the foresight needed to navigate the challenging economic landscape.

The lecture proved to be an extraordinary intellectual odyssey, leaving a lasting impression on the young minds of Darjeeling. The students were captivated by Dr. Bhattacharjee’s profound wisdom, and his ability to connect with their aspirations and concerns was truly remarkable. On behalf of the entire student body, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Prasun Bhattacharjee for gracing us with his valuable time and enlightening us with his profound insights.

We cannot overlook the remarkable efforts of the Economics and Commerce Department, whose meticulous planning and execution made this sixth edition of Thinkonomics an unequivocal success. Mr. N Mandal (SSM Economics) , Mr. N Bakshi and Mr. A R Mukhia (HOD) played a pivotal role in organising this extraordinary event.

In conclusion, the Thinkonomics lecture series continues to be a beacon of intellectual brilliance, fostering a culture of profound learning and knowledge-sharing. It is through events of this magnitude that we cultivate a generation of astute economists and visionary leaders who will shape the world’s economic landscape in the years to come. Once again, our deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Prasun Bhattacharjee and the entire organizing team for their exceptional contributions.

May the spirit of Thinkonomics illuminate our path to a brighter economic future.


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