Children’s Day

On the 14th of November, our school joyously celebrated Children’s Day. The commemoration commenced with a solemn moment, as a two-minute silence was observed to honor the esteemed late Paulite, PRS Oberoi, who departed on the 13th of November. Mr. Oberoi, a beacon of our school community, left an indelible mark, and this poignant moment served as a collective remembrance of his contributions.

As the hallowed silence gently faded, the atmosphere transformed into one of exuberance. The teachers, not just purveyors of knowledge but also harboring hidden talents, took center stage. With a twinkle in their eyes and a zest for entertaining, they unleashed a repertoire of skills that left the Paulites in awe.

Anecdotes began to unfold as each teacher stepped into the limelight, weaving tales of inspiration and humor. From impromptu theatrics that transported us to different realms to musical performances that struck a chord with our hearts, the educators demonstrated a side of themselves rarely seen within the classroom walls.

The celebration, a fusion of reverence and revelry, exemplified the spirit of our close-knit Paulite family. As we applauded the talents of our teachers and reflected on the legacy of Mr. Oberoi, the event not only marked Children’s Day but also became a cherished chapter in the annals of our school’s history.

Pic Credit:- Mr N Bakshi


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