Lawrence House’s Annual Concert

We are delighted to share the resounding success of Lawrence House’s annual concert, held in the prestigious Prep Hall. The highlight of the evening was the captivating one-act play, “The Boy Comes Home,” directed by the talented duo, Mr. G. Bhattacharya and Mr. N. Mandal.

Written by the renowned A.A. Milne, “The Boy Comes Home” tackles various social issues with humor and finesse. The narrative centers around the dynamic between Philip, a young army veteran, and his strict uncle James. As Philip returns home after four years of service, tensions arise, leading to a heartfelt exploration of familial bonds and personal aspirations.

The stellar cast brought the characters to life with remarkable skill, delivering a performance that was both engaging and thought-provoking. Following the play, the audience was treated to soulful group and solo musical renditions, as well as captivating dance performances that left everyone thoroughly entertained.

The evening culminated in the stirring rendition of the Lawrence house song, accompanied by an emotional speech from the Lawrence House Captain Ram Aryan. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. N. Mandal, our esteemed House Master, and all the Lawrencians for orchestrating such a memorable event. Here’s to many more evenings of artistic brilliance and camaraderie. 🎭🎶#LawrenceHouse#AnnualConcert#TheBoyComesHome#ArtisticExcellence


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