Friendly Tennis Match

Today, we hosted a friendly tennis match against St. Joseph School, showcasing the remarkable tennis skills of both teams. St. Paul’s School demonstrated their prowess by clinching victories in both singles matches, while St. Joseph emerged victorious in both doubles matches. Notably, Kazi Aadil Ahnaf from Class 6 delivered a convincing 6-1 win against his opponent from Class 12, displaying exceptional talent and determination. Similarly, Hridesh Chettri from Class 10 secured a commendable 6-3 victory against another opponent from Class 12, showcasing skill and resilience on the court.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Jit Pradhan and our dedicated school coach for their invaluable guidance and training, which played a pivotal role in preparing the boys for this friendly match. We would like to thank Mr R Chettri( MIC) for organising the tournament.

Additionally, we express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Jit Pradhan, an esteemed alum of St. Paul’s School, for his generous contribution of painting the tennis court and gifting new tennis nets, which significantly enhanced the playing environment for our aspiring young tennis players.


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