Grand Opening Ceremony of the Newly Constructed Basketball ‘Court 83’

The grand opening ceremony of the newly constructed basketball ‘Court 83’at JW Field was nothing short of a monumental event, marking the culmination of a generous initiative by the distinguished Batch of ’83. This remarkable group, driven by their commitment to the school’s athletic development, undertook the construction of a cutting-edge basketball facility.

The unveiling of the ‘court 83’ was an honor bestowed upon Mr. R Tamang, a representative of the Batch of ’83, who graciously participated in this momentous occasion. His presence added a touch of nostalgia and pride to the event, symbolizing the enduring spirit of the graduating batch.

The school, in its entirety, expresses profound gratitude for this benevolent gift. The new basketball court stands not only as a physical structure but as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Batch of ’83. This significant contribution is poised to revolutionize the sports landscape within the school, providing students with a top-notch facility to hone their basketball skills.

As a symbolic kickoff to this new era, the inaugural match was played between our school and CST, adding a layer of excitement and competitive spirit to the celebratory atmosphere. This momentous occasion was witnessed by a gathering of students, faculty, and esteemed guests, further enhancing the sense of community and shared accomplishment.

The school administration, faculty, and students alike are genuinely appreciative of the thoughtfulness and dedication exhibited by the Batch of ’83. The impact of this gift extends far beyond the bounds of a basketball court – it represents a lasting investment in the holistic development of the school’s athletic programs.

In extending our deepest thanks, we acknowledge the Batch of ’83 for their unwavering commitment to fostering excellence within our school community. May this basketball court become a thriving hub for camaraderie, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of athletic achievement for generations to come.


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