Lawrence House Concert 2022

The Annual Lawrence House Concert was held in the Prep Hall on the 30th of July 2022. The Chief guest for the evening was Mr Naveen Katwal ( Principal of Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong).

Lawrencians welcomed the guests and teachers by putting the auspicious yellow tika on the forehead as a mark of respect.

Lawrence house staged the play “Refund” directed by Mr Nabarun Mandal.

This amusing one-act play was written in 1938 by a well-known Hungarian playwright named Frigyes Karinthy. Percival Wilde, an American playwright, adapted and translated this one-act play. This absurd and satirical play satirizes today’s education system, which is quite backward in terms of preparing good students for the future. This play contains an extraordinary situation that has resulted in extreme humour.

The theme of this play is wit and unity. This play is about a former student of a school in Hungary named Wasserkopf who returns to his former school and demands a refund of the tuition fees he paid eighteen years ago, claiming that he learned nothing useful at school and is now useless. This play demonstrates teachers’ excellent ability to manage the situation and deal with Wasserkopf without jeopardizing their school’s reputation.

The culture barriers were broken down when Paulites from Nepal and Bangladesh enthralled the audience with a dance from a famous bengali folk song called ‘Faguner Mohonay’

The boys entertained the audience with an innovative cricket dance and a humorous skit ‘Gabbar Returns’

Prizes were awarded for Best Cricketers , Footballers , Artists, Singers , Academics by Acting Administrator Mr Peter Lepcha, Mr Naveen Katwal (Chief Guest) , Mr G Bhattacharya , Mr A Alva and Mr M Kharga to keep the spirit of ‘ CREDO IN TE SENEX’

Lawrencians thanks each and everyone who lent their helping hand to make the house concert a grand success.

We would also like to thank Mr N Mandal (House master ), house tutors and prefects for putting up an entertaining concert.


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