The Primary Wing Inter House Elocution was conducted on the 3rd of August 2022.

Among the dignitaries present were the Acting Administrator/ Senior Master Mr. Peter Lepcha, the Academic Mentor of our school Mr. Roy Robinson and parents of boys participating in the elocution.

The judges for the competition were Mr. Mahesh Kharga, Mr. Premendra Tamang and Mr. Sudin Khaling. Mr. Randolph John performed the duties of the announcer, Mr. Bhupendra Tamang the prompter and Mr. Diwakar Thapa did the tabulations.

The Elocution competition was categorized into individual and choral recitation. The House positions were 1st Hunt, 2nd Hillary, 3rd Everest, and 4th Tenzing.

The results are as follows:

Class 1

1st Ayushman Roy (Hunt)

2nd Arya Roy (Hillary)

3rd Debojyoti Chaudhari (Everest)

4th Mamar A. Chowdhury (Tenzing)

Class 2

1st Nirvoy Satre (Hillary)

2nd Aadrit Das Roy (Tenzing)

3rd Kritekesh Poddar (Hunt)

Class 3

1st Ayan Singh (Hunt)

1st Shlok Roy (Tenzing)

3rd Shaurya Chowdhury (Hillary)

4th Sarthak Saha (Everest)

Class 4

1st Aniket Singh (Hunt)

1st Ayan Chhetri (Hillary)

3rd Dagyal Bhutia (Everest)

4th Swastik Aich (Tenzing)

Class 5

1st Palsang S. Bhutia (Hunt)

2nd Aadidev Banerjee (Everest)

3rd Anmol Agarwal (Hillary)

4th Aniruddh Singh (Tenzing)

Choral Recitation

1st Hunt

1st Everest

3rd Hillary

4th Tenzing


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