The Batch of 2006 a Heartwarming Reunion

The Batch of 2006 recently gathered in a heartwarming reunion that spanned the 21st and 22nd of November. Among the notable events during this reunion was the unveiling of “PATHWAY,” a symbol of gratitude bestowed upon the school by the batch. This tangible expression of appreciation underscored the enduring connection these alumni share with their alma mater.

A particularly poignant and touching moment unfolded as the batch paid tribute to their departed classmate, Alexiu Dhungel. In remembrance of this dear friend who left them at a tragically young age, the alumni engaged in a spirited football match against the Masters. This act not only showcased camaraderie but also served as a living tribute to the indelible impact Alexiu had on their lives. Deservedly the 2006 were triumphant against the Masters with a score of 3-1

The commemorative spirit continued into the next day as the Class of 2006 participated in the PW carol service, adding their collective voices to the harmonious melodies resonating through the chapel halls. The evening was further enriched as they gathered for the PW GHD supper, sharing laughter, memories, and the warmth of cherished friendships.

In recognition of their thoughtful gesture in presenting the “PATHWAY” and their active participation in events that honored their shared history, the school expresses profound gratitude to the Batch of 2006. Their enduring bond with the institution serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and the lasting impact of friendships forged in the hallowed halls of the school.


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