The Inter-house Elocution

The inter-house elocution held in the Prep Hall was a remarkable event that showcased outstanding talent and eloquence. The Paulites, in particular, set a remarkably high standard with their exceptional understanding and immersive performances, effectively embodying the roles of their pieces.

The event culminated in a tie between two exceptional participants, Clive and Lawrence, who were both declared joint winners for their captivating delivery and powerful expressions.

Moreover, the prestigious Sakranry Medal for English Elocution was rightfully awarded to Arman Mandal, who impressed the audience with his impeccable diction and mesmerizing stage presence.

The occasion was graced with the presence of two esteemed guests of honor, Fr. C Pragasan SJ, the Director of self-financed courses and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, and Fr. Dr. James Anthony SJ, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology and a dedicated Counselor.

Their presence added further prestige to the event and served as a source of inspiration for the young elocutionists, encouraging them to continue honing their linguistic and oratory skills.

Overall, the elocutionists displayed exceptional talent and dedication, making the event a memorable and enriching experience for all in attendance.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. D Cecil, the Head of the English Department, for flawlessly organizing such a remarkable event. His meticulous planning and attention to detail contributed immensely to the event’s smooth execution and overall excellence. Thank you, Mr. D Cecil, for your invaluable contribution to this wonderful occasion.

Photo Credit:- Mr N Bakshi


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