The Marathon Final 2022

The Marathon final was held on the 27th of August. The morning was a little gloomy, the top field was covered with fog and the track marks and decorations the grounds men had prepared were barely visible. This time the final run began from 10:25 AM onwards.

As the boys left for the starting point, the sky slowly started to clear, but when the primary division started their run it drizzled a lot and we were afraid it would rain. However, we were lucky and there was only a slight drizzle.

The winner for the Marathon 2022 in the Senior Wing was Lawrence, Junior Wing House was Betten and Primary Wing was Everest.

The first ten runners for the Senior Division Marathon 2022 were:

1st. Vibhas Raj – Havelock (30:46:53 Sec)

2nd. Teekawin Juntee – Havelock

3rd. Raghav Padia – Lawrence

4th. Tashi Topgay Tamang – Hastings

5th. Thayakon Munthongchun – Havelock

6th. Ahnaf Porosh Patwary – Clive

7th. Nirvan Rinchen Lama – Hastings

8th. Suleman Kazi Maruf – Clive

9th. Kartikay Jalan – Clive

The first ten runners for the Intermediate Division Marathon 2022 were:

1st. Shwebik Thapa – Havelock (25:62 Min)

2nd. Churchil Ngangbam – Lawrence

3rd. Yavisht Shahaveer Jamshedji – Clive

4th. Nath Rattanapanang – Lawrence

5th. Yashaswee Vardhan – Clive

6th. Ansh Pradhan – Lawrence

7th. Vivaan – Hastings

8th. Dev Jalan – Lawrence

9th. Rishit Jaggi – Havelock

10th. Anubav Biswas – Lawrence

The first ten runners for the Junior Division Marathon 2022 were:

1st. Yarab Ghimiray – Betten (Time: 11:18:08 Sec)

2nd. Anish Choudhary – Westcott

3rd. Shreyansh Ayush Singh – Betten

4th. Sparsh Sharma – Cable

5th. Srinjoy Mandal – Anderson

6th. Aalok Kumar Ray – Westcott

7th. Animesh Raj Nayak – Betten

8th. Fahim Ahmad – Anderson

9th. Agastya Koirala – Anderson

10th. Aritro Turjo Saha – Betten

The first ten runners for the Primary Division Marathon 2022 were:

1st. Varannya P. Basnet – Everest (Time: 9:05 Min)

2nd. Tanish Ghosh – Hunt

3rd. Md. Aamir Jamal – Everest

4th. Shaurya Choudhury – Hillary

5th. Aniket Singh – Hunt

6th. Hanu Newal – Westcott

7th. Eshaan Banerjee – Everest

8th. Abhigyan Bharti – Hillary

9th. Shlok Roy – Tenzing

10th. Aditya Sinha – Everest

We would like to thank Mr Ccir Gurung MIC Marathon for organising the event successfully. Well done sir!


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