This Year’s Independence Day

This year’s Independence Day holds a truly remarkable significance for our school, as we celebrate the revival of the once-dormant brass band that had faded away following Mr. D Prince’s departure in the early 1990s. It’s with immense pride that we highlight our school’s pioneering role in introducing the brass band culture to India, setting a precedent that has now been rekindled with unwavering enthusiasm.

At the heart of this inspiring revival are two outstanding Paulite brothers, Dr. Momocha Thangjam (Batch of 2002) and Mr. Naoba Thangjam (Batch of 2006). Their unwavering commitment and heartfelt initiative have breathed new life into our musical tradition. Their generous gesture of gifting a full array of instruments imported all the way from America has been a transformative gift to our school, elevating our musical landscape to new heights.

It’s a testament to their deep appreciation for our school’s heritage and the value they place on enriching the lives of future generations. Their vision to transition our pipe band to a sophisticated brass band showcases their dedication to maintaining tradition while embracing innovation.

The impact of their generosity resonates not only within the school but also within the hearts of every Paulites , Teachers and Parents who has had the privilege of witnessing this renaissance.

In a world where acts of kindness and dedication often go unnoticed, the actions of Dr. Momocha Thangjam and Mr. Naoba Thangjam stand as a shining beacon of inspiration. Their contribution has not only revived a lost tradition but has also given us a reason to stand tall, celebrating our school’s illustrious past while stepping confidently into the future. Their legacy will forever be etched in the annals of our school’s history.

As we gather to celebrate this special Independence Day, let us remember and honor these remarkable individuals whose actions have not only revived a band but also strengthened the bonds that make our school a cherished institution. The resounding melodies of the brass band will forever echo their names, reminding us of the extraordinary difference that two determined hearts can make.


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