Vocational and Educational Training

The Education Board of Vocational and Educational Training organized a workshop specifically for teachers. The workshop aimed to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of education.

Ms. S. Grover, a senior educationist with a remarkable 32 years of experience, was one of the key speakers. She is also the head of the advisory board council at the Education Board of Vocational Training. Ms. Grover shared her extensive knowledge and insights, gained through years of dedicated work in education.

Another distinguished speaker was Mrs. M. Chakraborty, who has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the Bharti Shiksha Ratan and Bharat Gaurav Samman for her outstanding contributions to education. Her presence and expertise added great value to the workshop.

The workshop proved to be highly beneficial for our teachers. It not only refreshed their minds but also motivated them to continue their efforts in providing quality education. The insights and strategies shared by the speakers will surely help our teachers become more effective educators.

Photo Credit: Mr M Joshi ( MIC Photography)


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