Bicentennial Cricket Tournament – Final

In a highly anticipated showdown at the under 14 2nd edition of the Bicentennial Cricket Tournament final, the field was set for a gripping clash between St Augustine School and St Paul’s School. With both teams brimming with youthful talent and determination, excitement was palpable in the air as cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaited the action to unfold.

Taking to the crease first, St Paul’s School showcased their batting prowess, posting a commendable total of 95 runs within their allotted 20 overs. Their innings was marked by a display of skillful strokes and strategic partnerships, igniting hope and enthusiasm among their supporters.

However, the game was far from over as St Augustine School stepped up to the challenge with grit and determination. Despite facing a daunting target, they exhibited remarkable resilience.

Led by their bowlers, St Paul’s unleashed a barrage of deliveries, meticulously dismantling St Augustine’s batting lineup and stifling their momentum. As the tension mounted and the match reached its climax, St Augustine fought tooth and nail to bridge the gap, but fell agonizingly short by a mere 5 runs. The Paulites’ exceptional bowling performance, coupled with their unwavering resolve, proved to be the decisive factor in clinching victory.

Mohit Kr Soni was awarded with Man of the tournament.

Veer Pratap was the Man Of the Match.

Amidst cheers of jubilation and camaraderie, St Paul’s School celebrated their hard-earned triumph, basking in the glory of their achievement. It was a momentous occasion, a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship, perseverance, and skill that defines the essence of cricket. And as the sun set on the field of play, memories of this epic encounter would linger on, inspiring future generations to embrace the beautiful game with passion and dedication.

Colonel S. Bose, serving as the distinguished chief guest, delivered a stirring motivational speech that resonated deeply with both the young cricketers and the Paulites.

We express our sincerest gratitude to Mr. S. Gurung and Mr. B. Rai, our esteemed coaches, whose unwavering dedication and invaluable guidance played an instrumental role in nurturing these budding talents to triumphant success.


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