Message from the Mentor

It’s a wonderful feeling to be back (like a homing pigeon returning to its loft) after a span of 39 years to an institution where I was fortunate enough to teach in, in the early 80’s, right at the commencement of my career in the field of education. It is thanks to all these wonderful institutions that (if I can say so myself), I can proudly state that I’ve had a fairly successful innings in the field, which culminated in December 2019 as “The Headmaster” of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, where I served in this capacity from June 2004 till December 2019.

Many reading this would wonder in what capacity I return to St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling. Well, given the vast experience I’ve had, I’m happy to be back at the institution as a ‘Mentor’. It’s payback time I feel now, and what better way could there have been than to get involved in the establishment at a time when it is on the verge of celebrating a major landmark year in its Bi-centenary in 2023.

What makes things even more exciting and challenging is the fact that all has been quiet for 2 years, courtesy the pandemic, and much needs to be done to reaffirm the faith and trust that parents, as well as prospective parents, had in us prior to the pandemic. As things limp back to normalcy, there appears to be exciting times ahead, and with eager anticipation, I look forward to how things will unfold in the not-too-distant future.

Roy C. Robinson


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